Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brody's Day

Today was Brody's first day of preschool. He was so excited to go and be like the big kids (Brock and Kenley). He was up, dress and ready when I got home from the gym at 7am, school doesn't start until 9am. He asked me about every 15 minutes if it was time to go yet. He gets to go to school with his good friend Nixon and his cousin Dani. He also started his new music class today, Let's Play Music, he has two girls from his preschool in his music class also. I think he's going to make some really great friendships this year.
When I picked him up from school I asked "So Brod how was it?" He said, "Mom, it was awesome, we got to eat pupcakes and jump on a trampoline". We have a tradition at dinner where we ask the kids what their favorite part of the day was and what their worst part of the day was. When I asked Brody he said his favorite part was going to preschool and Let's Play Music and his worst part was that he had to leave preschool. And I was worried about him wanting to stay, what was I thinking?

Let's not forget about miss Embry! She had to have her first day of school picture taken also. When we were driving away from preschool after dropping of Brody she said (in a tearful voice) "Mama where Brody?" What is she going to do with Mama all to herself and without her Brody for the whole morning?

I just love this picture so I had to add it to the mix!


Clayton & Niki said...

It is so wierd to see all of your kids getting so big. I can't believe Brody is going to school, and I can't believe Embry doesn't have her NaNa! I hope you know what an incredible mom you are. If you ever doubt that, just look at your kids. They are amazing.
Love you :)

Mary Taylor said...

He is so cute! Drew went to that same music class this summer and LOVED it! He was the youngest one there but he got so much out of it. BTW...can Embry get any cuter??