Friday, August 22, 2008

Just because

I got sick of looking at my one word answers and don't have much to blog about so I thought I would just add some dang cute pictures of my kiddos!

This kid reminds me so much of his dad, it's not even funny! Just looking at this picture I can't help but think of Dustin. I think he's itching his ear and in a few of the other ones he was scratching his forehead, rubbing his get the picture, he can't sit still for a picture! He's got the sweet concern that his dad has, the love for babies (Embry adores him), the silly faces, funny jokes, love for hunting and being outdoors, he's an awesome BBall player, great at soccer, and even though he tries not to show it, I know he loves his mom. I love this Kid!Girls just wanna have fun...that is Kenley to a tee! The other day she got so mad at me because we were going to have dinner soon and I wouldn't let her have a friend over. She is all about friends, fun and frillies. She's a mix of both Dustin and I, she loves to help cook, cleans a bathroom as good as I can (if she's not in a hurry to play with friends), is a great artist (that's her dad), has a great fashion sense that's all her own, and loves to keep everything (sucker wrappers?!?) I love this Kid!
Oh, my little Broder Doo, what would I do without you? What a sweet boy Brod is, he always tells me I look pretty, quickly helps clean up, he's a good listener, likes to play Power Rangers, has lots of friends, is a very good friend and loves, loves, loves the color RED. You will rarely see a frown on his face, he is such a happy guy and has such a wit about him. A couple years ago when he was about 2 was the first time we really understood that he was so witty. My cousin's wife's name is Mary and one day we were somewhere with them and Brody asked me who she was. I told him her name was Mary. He looked at me and said, "She had a little lamb" and started laughing. Of course I couldn't control my laughter and in the midst of me laughing he said to me, "mom, I just said Mary had a little lamb" and cracked up laughing at himself. I love this Kid!Sweet little petite Em. What an addition to our family she has been! We really needed her, she makes life fun, interesting, busy, joyful, sweet, silly, scary (she has fallen and I've seen blood more than any of the others kiddos), loving, cuddly, and noisy. We all just can't stand how cute she is. I catch the the older ones squeezing her quite often, they just can't get enough. But by the time they are done, she's had enough, that's where the noise comes in. She knows how to get her way. I love this Kid!
it just keeps gettin' better


Clayton & Niki said...

I don't know for sure, but I don't think life gets much better than that!
Love you and your cute kiddos!

heather said...

those pics are so cute. mary had a little lamb....hilarious! i love it.

Van and Rhonda said...

What darling pictures and great comments about our sweet little angels!! They are angels and Heavenly Father sure knew what he was doing when he sent them to you and dustin. You are great parents and that is why you have great kids! I love them all so much and their cute little individual personalities!