Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday KiKi

Kenley loves to... draw, color, write notes, make up songs for her rock band, dance, watch Hannah Montana, hold babies, get new clothes (what girl doesn't), do her hair, pick her own clothes, look at the gap from her two missing teeth, make art projects, help with dishes, read, play with her little sister, have friends over and have snacks!

What we love about Kenley... her smile, that she's so helpful, her laugh, that she's so thoughtful, her dancing, that she's responsible, her energy, her love for life, her very own pigtails, her notes, her songs, that she likes to just sit on the couch and cuddle, her creativity and her fun loving personality!

Our little girl is getting so big! Kenley was counting down the days til her birthday! When it finally got here she new exactly what she was going to wear, how SHE was going to do her hair, what treat she was going to take to share with her class and what she was going to do on her date with Mom and Dad! (more about the date later in the post)

The day started out with her favorite breakfast, peanut butter and syrup on toast and presents from the family! Then off to school it was to celebrate with her teacher and classmates.

While she was gone my sister and I decorated her room. Tamra had the great idea to put confetti all over her floor! She loved it, but quickly told me that it was my mess to clean up not hers.

When Dad got home Kenley got her last surprise, a new bike! This is the one she WAS riding...

Isn't this much better! You think maybe we don't want her to grow up?

A quick ride around on her bike and we were off on our date. The agenda was pedicures and shopping, what girls do best, poor Daddy had to tag along.

She picked out a new ensemble to wear out to dinner with the family. My parents and Clay were in town so our almost missionary could go through the temple and Tamra's birthday was the next day so we all went out to eat and celebrate. What a lucky girl to be the only kiddo with all the adults! I think Carrabba's is her new favorite place.

Birthday Girls

About the date: On our kids even birthdays (4, 6, 8, 10, 12...) we let them have a party that they can invite their friends to come celebrate with them, but we didn't want every year to be a big huge bash. So on the odd years we let them pick what they want to do and we take them, JUST THEM, on a date with Mom and Dad. We started when Brock turned 6 and it has worked really well for us. It allows us to have one on one time with the kids and make them feel special and allows them to really celebrate the big birthdays which for some reason land on the even years.

Thanks for a great date Kenley, we had a blast!


Castle Family said...

I love the idea of odds and even years! And I love the date with mom and dad. I might have to steal it ;) Sounds like Kenley had a great day. She picked out some cute clothes, cute toes, and yummy dinner. We love Carrabba's!

heather said...

so fun. happy birthday kenley.

Spencer and Caroline Family said...

We also do dates with mom and dad on each birthday. It is a grat way to spend individual time with each child. Looks like you all had a blast!!

TJ and LaChae Booth said...

Happy Birthday to you miss Kenley! We sure love you and you looked soooo cute in your new birthday hat! Love, TJ, LaChae, Lily and Kate

jen said...

What a blast! I love your idea about the birthdays...I've been thinking that one over myself. GREAT idea! Love the pic with your toes too. How fun.